I attended the SEED (Simple Easy EveryDay) Meditation class at the center with a coworker and it has been life changing. Sometimes I'm a little skeptical, even with all the neuroscience behind the benefits of meditation, however Jules extensive knowledge of meditation practices and her own personal journey provide a great experience in learning.

Whether you are interested in the spiritual, physical health, or growth benefits of meditation, or general overall wellness, Jules is a wealth of resources to connect the meditation experience to your own goals and needs. Personally, I would not have been able to stick to meditation or even understand what it was 'supposed' to be like without the personal learning experience with Jules.If you are on the fence about taking a class on meditation in general or whether to do some self-paced learning, do yourself a favor and connect with this incredible person.

Awareness, self-care, true appreciation of others, and achieving your goals as a friend, parent, coworker or significant other are a few of the benefits that I've experienced from meditation class with Jules. My faith is an important part of my life, and while the class is neutral and supporting of all, I've found a much deeper connection to my faith, just in the ability to be present and attuned to those things that matter to me. Jules is an incredible blessing to have here in central Iowa- she's real, honest, smart, and funny. I look forward to attending follow up sessions here.

— Jen Adams.


As a life coach, Jules was instrumental in helping me to reshape my career by establishing achievable goals that realized both my creative and financial aspirations. It was at this time that she introduced me to the benefits of meditation, and for someone who had struggled my entire life with being unable to turn off my brain, meditation was really the missing link! It has allowed me to find clarity, focus and peace, even in the most challenging of times, and all but alleviated a life-long battle with sleeplessness! Like any other tool, it is something I can always use when I need it most, and I have Jules to thank for gently guiding me toward the best possible fit in my practice. She has continued to support me as I’ve evolved and my needs changed based on my life circumstances. She is a mainstay in my life, and an excellent, compassionate and supportive teacher!

-Kristine Genovese.


Jules is a lovely woman and an excellent teacher who was kind enough to introduce me to a Meditation practice years ago that I still practice on a daily basis. It is one of the single most wonderful changes I've made to my life and I love her!!!

- Wade Thompson


Jules meditation class has been the most valuable education I’ve had for self care in my adult life. Her knowledge and experience are extensive and she has helped me stay on track with my meditation practice over the years since taking her course. I highly recommend her classes to anyone that may be interested!

-Tiffany Dunagan


Jules’ life coach training program has been truly transformative for me. I started this program having some limited experience with life coaching I have personally received. I was attracted to this program because I knew I would have a lot of personal growth through the experience, not thinking this would be something I would honestly be interested in as a career. What I got out of this program far exceeded my expectations. The amount of personal coaching with Jules and the peer coaching has given me a confidence to overcome any obstacle in my life. All of those unfinished tasks that have been weighing me down are finished and a whole new world of opportunities have opened up for me. I am the happiest I have been in my life and I have a newfound relationship with myself. I am so excited to start this new chapter and share this new perspective on life as a personal life coach. I never thought of myself as a leader and someone who can be a real force for change in this world. Jules’ program has changed all of that for me. If you are considering this opportunity, do yourself a huge favor and go for it. You will not regret it!!

-John Cecil.


I love Jules! I took her meditation class a year ago after I had been dealing with stress and anxiety attacks. It helped me learn how to actually meditate and the science behind it. The practice has helped me add to my toolbox for health. I am forever thankful.

-Kara Bivins Vorwald.


Jules’ approach is authentic, humble, open, and warm.  I know that I learned this precious and valuable tool from the very best as her wisdom and knowledge of this beautiful practice is mind blowing.  I move freely and openly through life now as a conscious observer thanks to this effortless, yet highly effective, form of meditation.

Before learning SEED meditation, I experienced a spiritual awakening that began with a “honeymoon” period consisting of six months of pure awe and bliss, and even now, I am at a loss as how to describe this awe and bliss.  There are no words for me.  As is with everything, it was in perfect timing that I learned how to meditate effectively during this period.  I was so open to receive the lesson in the teachings Jules was offering me.  It also helped prepare me and equip me for the dark knight of the soul I was about to journey into.   

 It was during this “dark period” on my journey that Jules and I began our deep inner work together and she became my life coach and mentor.  I say “our” deep inner work because Jules truly went there with me.  Not in an intrusive way, more so she held a space of supportive unconditional love and safe harbor for me, shining a light while I navigated through the dark corners of my ego. 

Jules intuitively knew when to provide me with a soft place to land and when to encourage me to really let go and reach far outside of my comfort zone, which primed me for an expansive amount of growth in a short amount of time.  This is an area where Jules really shines for me.  Her gentle, supportive, and highly intuitive nature is a perfect complement to her science based and thought provoking way of teaching and coaching.  During my meetings with Jules, I always felt immense support and universal love while I tended to my inner garden.  Her energy is pure, clean, and full of light and beauty.  She is a true catalyst of love, healing, and wisdom.  I am immensely and eternally grateful for her presence with me in this lifetime.         

-Beth Markee