Jules Green

Meditation teacher, Holistic Life Coach, and award-winning educator with a career spanning more than 2 decades, Jules Green, M.A., P.C.C., founded The Meditation House in 2010 in order to offer to others the holistic practices that so profoundly transformed her life.

In her work with The Meditation House, Jules now serves people from all over the United States and Canada:

–as a Certified Meditation Teacher specializing in Mindfulness and Mantra-based practices and courses of  study in Consciousness and Mindful Living.

–as a Certified Holistic Life Coach specializing in Life Fulfillment, Life Purpose, and Relationships and creator/trainer of Self Mastery Life Coach Training program.

–and as a Certified Reiki Master specializing in the healing of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection of Health & Well Being.

Her training includes:

  • Certified Member of the International Coach Federation (I.C.F.) as a Professional Certified Coach. the governing body of ethics and standards of practice of the Coaching profession. Jules has attained the highest standards of coaching, with over 2500 of coaching hours logged over her career to date.

  • Certification in the S.E.E.D. Meditation® method from the McLean Meditation Institute of Sedona Arizona. Additionally, Jules began her studies of consciousness and meditation with Vedic Scholar Thom Knoles, the Maharishi Vyasananda, in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Rishikesh, India, where she began her extensive studies of the ancient Vedic texts and the teaching of meditation practices. She has studied and practiced with Native American shamans

  • Certifications in Tony Robbins’ Marriage Education & Divorce Prevention as well as Strategic Interventions, based in Human Needs Psychology. Based on this training, Jules works with clients seeking help with life purpose, addictions, relationships, as well as business communications and team building.

  • Life Coach Certification in the Fulfillment Model of Coaching, “Coaching the Human Spirit,” through Coach For Life®.

  • Leadership Coach Certification, through Coach For Life®.

  • Certification in the practice of Reiki Jin Kai Do, an ancient healing art.

  • Certified student of Healing Beyond Boarders, Healing Touch organization recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Prior to becoming a Life Coach and Meditation teacher, Jules’ professional life spanned Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, and India, culminating in a rewarding teaching career in New York City. An educator for nearly three decades, Jules also holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature, Master Level Teacher Certification and a BA in French. She has co-founded a school in Spain, served in national and state-wide leadership roles on a wide range of committees and programs and participated in studies and service projects around the world. She now resides in her home-state of Iowa with her family and travels throughout the United States for speaking engagements, to teach meditation and to facilitate coaching workshops and teaches university classes.