S.E.E.D. Meditation Method

Simple Easy Every Day
Meditation® Method


I am so happy

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It’s time to learn to meditate.



We don’t have to look very far to see the effects of a stressed out society– pick up any newspaper– or maybe even just take a look in the mirror– and we can see what a disconnected way of life is doing to us. ANYONE can learn to meditate. You don’t have to change a thing– not your diet, your beliefs, your clothing or your way of life. You don’t have to stop thinking or clear your mind. You can’t stop thinking by thinking about it. You simply need a tool that works with the way your mind functions and learn to properly allow it to calm the body and settle the mind. That is meditation. You simply have to have a willingness to do it, an ability to follow some simple instructions, and a willingness to take a short time out each day for it. You’ll notice the benefits will unfold naturally and effortlessly.

Each person who learns to meditate has his or her own reasons for doing so- whether it’s to reduce stress, to improve physical performance or health, or as a part of a self-inquiry practice or therapy, your intention will nourish your practice. And perhaps not surprisingly, adding a meditation practice to your daily routine comes with some amazing side effects: an ability to live in the moment, inner peace, creativity, inspiration, love, confidence, intuition, harmonious relationships, joy– fulfillment. Just as you may begin a workout routine for the gym to improve your physical appearance and discover that you are making other healthier lifestyle choices and feeling better about yourself in other ways, meditation will improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as it brings with it a plethora of amazing benefits.

Benefits the Body & Mind:  Most disease & chronic conditions are caused or worsened by stress– and disease itself can increase “stress hormones,” thus causing a vicious cycle of illness.  Over 80% (some say more) of all doctor visits are due to stress-related complaints. At the Institute of NOETIC Science, you can access nearly 7000 studies with research findings of all types of meditation and it’s affect on physical and mental well-being.

  • Meditation helps to reduce stress and people 40 years and older go to the doctor 73% less often if they have a daily meditation practice.

  • Meditators have 85% fewer hospital admissions for heart disease and over 55% fewer admissions for all types of benign and malignant tumors.

  • Meditators experience a general calming of the nervous system: Lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, less hypertension.

  • Meditation has been shown to help people quit smoking, conquer drug & alcohol addictions.

  • It regulates hormones— including reducing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing the “youth hormone” DHEA as well as the release of serotonin and other “bliss” neurochemistry… Meditators truly are measurably happier!

  • Other proven benefits:

    • relief from anxiety, depression and symptoms of PTSD

    • increased neuroplasticity— the ever changing landscape of your brain improves in all areas

    • improved immune function and healing response,

    • improved digestion,

    • increased fertility,

    • improved eating habits,

    • improved sleep habits,

    • increased longevity and vitality,

    • reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause,

    • decreased chronic pain,

    • balanced blood sugar,

    • decreased headaches & migraines


There are many ways to meditate, all with their own effect, according to what they were designed for. For me, a meditation practice must be simple, easy and pleasurable to do if it is something we can stick to and make a part of our daily lives. My joy is providing an evidence-based education in the practices of meditation and mindfulness that makes it easy to do just that, without joining an organization, without having to take on or sort through someone else’s belief systems, without complicated techniques. Just a series of effective, secular practices that give real results. Meditation makes life better.


Never before has there been more demands on our physical, emotional and mental bodies as in the current conditions of our world. Our society functions in a stressed-out, sleep-deprived, over-worked, caffeine-induced state that has come to be considered a normal way of being. This is not our natural state. We are not designed to live like this and it is absolutely not sustainable. Our natural state? Bliss. Peace. Fulfillment. Joy. Productivity. Creativity. Progress. Love.

If you turn your attention to the one who is reading this, you’ll notice there is a presence there: that presence is aware of all things, it has been with you since you were born, and it is considered the real you. This is more than just your body, more than just your mind. It is, if you look, all of those qualities I just mentioned above. With a regular practice of meditation you will become more aware of this part of you, and as a result you will find that your intention of learning to meditate fulfills itself effortlessly and does, in fact, bring with it all of those amazing side effects.

Interested in a creating SEED class near you? Contact Jules to help organize one!

Please contact us for info on the next course in SEED Meditation or to  schedule a  private course.

Please contact us for info on the next course in SEED Meditation or to schedule a private course.

There are various ways to meditate, and you’ll learn about many of them. You’ll discover the basics of successful meditation, what meditation is, what it isn’t, experiences you might have, the five essentials of a successful practice, and the many benefits that will unfold for you when you learn to meditate.

The mainstay of the program is a meditation technique that has you focus on your breath and a silent sound, or mantra, that helps you to direct your attention inward and go beyond your thoughts to re-connect with your center point of peace. The technique is powerful yet simple to do, and easy to keep doing.

The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation method includes:

  • Balancing Breath Technique

  • Body Awareness Technique

  • Breath Awareness Meditation

  • Heart-Centered Breath

  • Self-Inquiry Practice

  • Silent Sound (mantra) Meditation

You’ll also learn about:

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Peace Finder Practices

This collection of practices is called the SEED Meditation method: S for simple, E for easy, E for every, and D for day.  Meditating is like planting a seed – an intention – and watching it grow. 

You’ll discover how easy it is to use any meditation technique, and the method you’ll learn is so effective and universal that you can use it for the rest of your life. Discover a meditation that you can do easily without having to listen to recordings, without having to be guided, and without having to join a religious or spiritual group. You’ll go home and create your own personal practice. By the end of our course together you will have everything you need to continue as a self-sufficient meditator. If at any time you feel you need some extra support, you are welcome to contact me and to come back to retake the course again, whenever I am offering the intro course, at no extra charge. Register Here!