Mind Blowing Relationships

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Mind Blowing Relationships



Relationship Coaching Series at The Meditation House: Center for Well-Being. Ankeny. Beginning August 2, 2015

Extraordinary relationships are not the result of good luck, great chemistry or convenience. Rather, there are laws of love- skills that need to be practiced and applied- that determine the level of fulfillment that people experience in their marriage or committed relationship.

Sign up for this workshop series, taught in 5 half-day workshops, if you want:

1. to create or rejuvenate an extraordinary relationship on all levels
2. to deal with the inevitable challenges that show up.
3. to learn how to nurture and expand your relationship so you both never stop growing and continue to experience greater joy, love and fulfillment.

THE EASE OF THIS PROGRAM is in large part due to the format. A pressure-free workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn the essentials of the program through instruction from and discussion with certified marriage education instructor and life coach Jules Green.

  • You will watch a series of videos watching real life couples being coached and healed by using the methods that then become available to you.

  • Following a discussion of the film, you will go through one or more experiential exercises and you will have homework to work with your partner on at home.

  • ADDITIONALLY, Jules is offering optional FREE coaching between workshop sessions for couples who want to check in and work more privately to meet your particular concerns and goals.

  • Receive a FREE Follow-up coaching session within one-month of the series end.

Seminar 1:

August 2, 2015. 9:00am-12:30pm

Back from the Edge: Rekindling and Creating Everlasting Love. In any relationship, each person has to be aware of the other person’s needs in order to know what’s going on. Not knowing a spouse’s needs inevitably leads to frustration and disappointment since, even though a person may feel that he/she is giving everything, they are not giving what the other person needs. The challenge is that people’s deepest needs are often extremely specific and can be tricky to discern. It’s like a “secret button” which, unless it’s discovered, can make a relationship feel impossible. When a partner learns this, they will have full access to what brings out love and happiness in the other. A relationship never breaks up when the partners are meeting all of the others’ needs.

Seminar 2: August 16, 2015. 9:00am-12:30pm

Surviving Relationship Storms: The Importance of Regaining Trust.
Trust is the belief that your partner has good intentions toward you and that they care about you. It is usually built during times of uncertainty and stress; when a person faces an obstacle, a challenge, a crisis or an enemy; and when a partner’s commitment may come under question. Once a certain line has been crossed in terms of trust and respect, it can be difficult to go back. But there is a specific, powerful strategy for restoring trust. If your partner fell in love with you once, you were probably already doing this naturally. This seminar is focused on reconnecting you with this strategy so that trust can return, leading to more love and intimacy.


Seminar 3: September 6, 2015. 9:00am- 12:30pm

Rekindling Intimacy: The Power of Connection Through Playfulness & Passion. Developing and sustaining playfulness and passion in the relationship helps couples to stay together through challenges and difficulties. Couples who are passionate about each other can more easily solve problems with children and extended family and deal with financial difficulties and other crises. Many couples achieve a basis of heartfelt understanding, giving and trust, but they are not able to make the leap to passion and excitement.This lesson focuses on reclaiming the playfulness and passion that are in every human being and that will take a relationship to a higher level.


Seminar 4: September 20, 2015. 9:00am-12:30pm.

You Come First, My Love: The Power of Alignment.    
Do you ever feel that whenever you and your partner disagree, the disagreement always comes back to an old topic you’ve discussed again and again? Most relationships have one of those. It can make you feel like you and your partner may not even be compatible.This happens when you relationship is out of alignment. You and your partner have lost touch with your priorities, your future, how to spend your time and how to give each other what you really want. In this seminar you will learn specific steps to help you find alignment once again, and these steps work even without your partner’s participation or knowledge.


Seminar 5: October 4, 2015. 9:00am-12:30pm

Overcoming Betrayal and Pain: Deepening Love and Compassion That Make it Possible to Forgive.  
During the course of every relationship, it is inevitable that partners will make mistakes, some big and some small, but it is essential to know when and how to forgive. It is natural for the partner who has been wronged or hurt to develop resentment that can fester for many years and ruin the chance for any happiness. Yet if the resentful spouse values the marriage more than being right and more than being angry, they can find the love and compassion that make forgiveness possible.


$225.00/ couple per session. Buy the series for $900.00. Couples committed to attending all 5 sessions receive optional FREE weekly private coaching sessions between seminars to work more privately to work through the material in order to meet their particular relationship goals.
For More Info and To Register: 515-639-0108

Favorite testimonials:

“Every time we left couple’s therapy, we fought for the rest of the night. We left our first session with you and felt hope for the first time since we first fell in love.”

“All I’ve ever wanted was to make her happy. And I was tired of feeling like a failure, so I had checked out. Now I know what was going wrong, how to fix it when we get off track, and how to keep it from going off track in the first place.”

“I’m amazed at how simple it all is. It’s like you say, ‘Problems are complicated, but solutions are simple.’ It’s so true. I thought we were done, but now we’re more in love and more passionate than ever.”

“I was relieved that we didn’t have to rehash all of our old stuff to be able to move past our hurt and get to a happy, healthy place again. I liked being able to start from where we are and focus on the future, instead of the past.”

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