The Coaching Mindset


The big question for potential new coaches who are considering a training program is often, "Can I even do this? Who am I to help others in their lives? " The answer is a resounding YES, YOU CAN.  If you feel called in any way to help others, adding a coaching credential to your professional toolbox is a gift to those you help.

What people are seeking? A professional that they can partner with who will help them advance their own personal or professional growth. And that can be you. 

The truth is- who you are matters even more than what you know. Your clients are the experts in their own lives. Your job, as their coach, is to help draw that inner knowledge and expertise out of them by asking powerful questions, holding space for their own process and reminding them of their own gifts, talents and skills when they forget.  I can teach you how to do that, with a set of very specific guidelines, tools and techniques based on the International Coach Federation's Core Competencies as well as tapping into your own intuitive abilities. You'll be able to bring out the best in your clients.

As we do that, I will assist you in your own self-discovery as you highlight your own gifts, talents and passions. There is nothing to fear. I'll be right by your side as you receive all the coaching from me that you will need to step into your new role. Your clients are looking for you. Those who are seeking your help, are not necessarily seeking me, or your fellow coaches-in-training. They are looking for you. 

Step One is to schedule a free Discovery Session to find out more about the program and to see if it aligns with your highest excitement and desire to work with others.