Self Mastery Life Coach Training
to Sep 9

Self Mastery Life Coach Training

I LOVE MY JOB! Would you like to do what I do?

You have a compassionate heart. You understand that in order to have a healthy society, it must be made up of healthy individuals. Regardless of your current profession, you feel compelled to help others in their life journey. You recognize that we are at the cusp of something- the tipping point perhaps- and you can see that things could really go either way. What can we do? How can we impact the direction we take as a human race? We support others. We hold space for them as they seek their highest truth- and we help them align with that. We ask powerful questions and remind others of their magnificence when they have forgotten. We acknowledge the spiritual oneness of us all, while honoring the unique gifts, skills and talents of the individual. We help others identify their purpose and get from where they are now to where they want to be-- living in alignment with that purpose. 

This is the kind of job that does not feel like a job. It is a passion and a joy and it provides "the big three" in life satisfaction: Income, Lifestyle/ Life Balance, and Contribution! (Earn well! Time to live your other interests! All while making a massive contribution to the lives of others!) It's a great way of life and I invite you to join me in this fulfilling profession!

This is a 75-hour certification training course designed according to the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) taught in 3 in-person training weekends and 6 weeks of live teleclass seminars. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive their 75 hour certification in Self Mastery Life Coaching and will be eligible to apply for ICF accreditation once their required coaching hours are complete.

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